From the Gabba Ward: Montague Road

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Dear residents,

I’m writing to you because you came along to our Montague Road community forum on the weekend or have expressed an interest in the future of this road corridor and surrounding neighbourhood.

Our forum on Saturday afternoon had approximately 170 attendees, most of whom live in West End, and some who came from further afield. I’m sincerely grateful to everyone who made time to attend and share their views. My office is currently collating all the feedback we received, and I’m also making time for one-on-one debriefs with all the group facilitators to make sure we didn’t miss anything important.

In the next few weeks, I aim to produce a more detailed statement of my current position and what I’ll be advocating for, so that residents know exactly where I stand. The feedback we received via the forum will also be combined with the feedback we’ve received through other channels, such as the local survey I ran last year. You can view a summary of the survey results at this link.

I also want to support the local community to produce its own vision of how the corridor should transform, which can then be presented to all levels of government and all political representatives to ask them whether they support it. If anyone’s interested in volunteering a bit of time (possibly three or four weeknight or weekend meetings over the next couple of months) to help develop a plan and have a bit more input into the detail of what the community wants, please send my office an email.

For now, I’m willing to confirm that my view is that Montague Road south of Mollison St should be lowered to a speed limit of 40km/h, and 50km/h north of Mollison St. I will continue to advocate within council for this change, but unfortunately at this stage the LNP is opposed to this reduction, and Labor has not expressed a clear view.

I’m also still very supportive of a footbridge to Toowong and a new CityCat terminal for the western side of West End. We’ve been running a community vote on the footbridge proposal for the last couple of months at this link. The online vote closes this week, so if you haven’t already told us whether you support a footbridge, please vote now.


Victoria St Traffic Lights

My office has been advocating strongly for traffic lights to be installed at the intersection of Montague Rd and Victoria St (near the Aldi supermarket). We successfully convinced council to install lights at the intersection of Montague and Vulture, but I need your help to get lights at Victoria St too.

Residents across Brisbane are continually contacting the council asking for pedestrian safety improvements in different parts of the city, so it becomes a contest as to which neighbourhoods are the most vocal. Here in West End, we’ve had a few large petitions in the past calling for lights at Victoria St, but what we really need right now is for as many residents as possible to call the Lord Mayor on 3403 4400 and email him at to ask for funding for the lights to be included in this year’s budget.

Please take a moment to email the mayor, and back up my calls for lights to be installed at this dangerous intersection.


A Cross River Ferry?

There seemed to be strong agreement at the meeting that the ‘River Acces Hub’ pontoon which council installed along Riverside Drive was a poor use of money (which is what I told the LNP at the time they announced it). A couple of residents at our forum asked whether rather than pushing for a CityCat stop near Victoria St, it might be better to push for a new Cross River Ferry service to connect this pontoon to the Regatta CityCat Terminal at Toowong. My view is that this would be an inefficient and expensive way of moving people around, and after making a few initial inquiries with council’s transport planners, I’ve decided that I won’t push the issue further, and will instead focus on advocating for a CityCat stop, footbridge, and better high-capacity bus services along Montague Rd.

As you can see from the Bulimba to Teneriffe ferry timetable, the service picks people up every 10 minutes in peak periods and every 15 minutes off-peak. This means the average wait-time during peak periods is 5 minutes and the journey across the river is 5 minutes. So simply getting to the Toowong CityCat terminal adds at least 5 to 10 minutes to a commuter’s journey.

Accommodating an additional ferry service stopping regularly at the Regatta terminal would also inconvenience and interfere with the CityCat terminal operations quite significantly. With two CityCat services arriving at the Regatta terminal every 15 minutes, council’s transport planners do not believe it’s practical for this terminal to also accommodate a cross-river ferry service that arrives every 10 minutes. Given that the smaller ferries also struggle to accommodate bikes, prams and wheelchairs, I think focusing on a bridge and other public transport improvements is a much higher priority.


As mentioned above, if you’d like to be involved in further workshops about transport planning around Montague Rd (and wider West End) please get in touch with my office. And don’t forget to contact the Lord Mayor about the Montague-Victoria intersection!

Talk to you soon,


Jonathan Sri Councillor for the Gabba Ward

2/63 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba
P: 07 3403 2165 • E:


We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owners of the lands on which we work, and pay our respects to elders, past and present.

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