Palestinian Film Festival

Greetings from the Palestinian Film Festival Australia team! Thank you for participating in our recent post-festival survey. The results have been amazing; we are truly humbled by the love and gratitude expressed. This is some of what you told us…

Do you believe the Palestinian Film Festival should continue as an annual event?
100% said Yes 
Has the festival met your expectations?
59% indicated  ‘better’ or ‘much better’ than expected
40% indicated met their expectations
The films are engaging:
 87% of respondents indicated that the films were very engaging or extremely engaging
  Palestinian films via SBS On Demand! We’re thrilled to share that four films previously screened at the Palestinian Film Festival Australia will be available via SBS Demand and SBS TV throughout 2019. Keep an eye on SBS over the next few weeks for more information about the following fabulous films:
1948: Creation & Catastrophe documentary release  The most-watched film in the 2018 Palestinian Film Festival Australia was, without doubt, 1948: Creation & Catastrophe.
  “It is simply not possible to make sense of what is happening in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today without an understanding of 1948. This documentary was the last chance for many of its Israeli and Palestinian characters to narrate their first-hand accounts of the creation of a state and the expulsion of a nation.”

We are working through the classification process to have the documentary  1948: Creation & Catastrophe available in Australia for online streaming and purchase.  

The documentary is available to universities staff and students through Kanopy Network to access it Click here.

For any additional public screenings, please contact the Palestinian Film Festival Australia
10th Anniversary of the Palestinian Film Festival Australia This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Palestinian Film Festival Australia. We are hard at work curating our biggest and most comprehensive program to date. We look forward to sharing and celebrating this special milestone with you. Stay tuned for further details.
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