Frontier wars – ‘whispering in our hearts’

This ‘whispering in our hearts‘ may form the basis of justice and reconciliation between aboriginal people and settlers … a radio show by Andy Paine on Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Friday at Noon on5 Oct 2018 … Notes by Ian Curr.

Paradigm Shift

This week we discuss the Frontier Wars which persisted in colonial Australia right up to Federation in 1901 and beyond. Andy interviews historians Henry Reynolds and Lyndall Ryan.

Lyndall Ryan is a professor at Newcastle University. She has spent the last four years drawing up a digital map of massacres of first nations people in Australia. Henry rentals talks about the whispering in our hearts about the injustice of settlers stealing aboriginal land. Her team have constructed an interactive indigenous massacre map.

Click Map to see detail

The results are pretty grizzly.  Massacres were much more common than the professor thought. In 2014 Lyndall Ryan applied for a grant to the Australian literature council.  one of the first problems she faced was what define a massacre.  she resolved that’s the massacre was the killing of six undefended people in one operation.  Massacre impacts on the whole community. Take 20 people living on…

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