Students of Sustainability: workshop opportunity

Brisbane will be hosting Students of Sustainability (SoS) July 7-11. This is our opportunity to support and be involved in one of the most important environment events of the year…. Please submit your ideas for workshops/activities/forums- films. Make your submissions here:

About Students of Sustainability:

Students of Sustainability (SOS) is the longest running, annual, student organised conference of it’s kind in Australia. Beginning in Canberra in 1991, SOS is now the premier event on the calendar of the Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN).

SOS is a 5 day event which focuses on, and explores, environmental and social justice issues, and potential practical solutions. It includes workshops, forums, plenaries, excursions and entertainment.

The spectrum of formal and informal activities gives conference delegates and other attendees an amazing opportunity to link and network with like-minded individuals from all around Australia, in an effort to share ideas, visions, designs and goals on how to create positive change in today’s society and tomorrow’s future. The conference is open to anyone who has a passion for sustainability and for making a
difference to their own lives, and to those around them. SOS attracts academics, entrepreneurs, Aboriginal elders, change-makers, campaigners and students.

SOS aims to articulate the challenges posed by the present ecological crisis not merely to our energy supplies or regulatory regimes, but to the foundations of our economic and social system; to the stories we tell, how we think, what we create and who we are. It is a unique event with a defining role in the Australian environment movement and in all movements working towards a society that is sustainable because it is just, and just, because it is sustainable.

And just to be clear, it’s definitely not just for students! We invite people from all walks of life and all ages to attend.

In 2016, SOS will be held in so-called Brisbane, on Jagera & Turrbal land, from the 7th – 11th July.

4 thoughts on “Students of Sustainability: workshop opportunity

  1. praxidice says:

    Many others would no doubt have heard the utterly inane statement by Turnbull this morning that ‘Pauline Hanson’ is unwelcome in politics. Its high time uber-arrogant goons like Turnbull realized they are merely elected servants of the people and that if the majority of the good people in Pauline’s electorate decide they want her as their elected represented, its not for the likes of the ‘born to rule’ fraternity to intervene. I did attempt to make my thoughts known to Turnbull but surprise surprise, all email addresses have been disabled. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  2. Hello Doug,

    Turnbull has made it possible for Hanson to win a senate seat in 2016. Howard did not do Hanson the same favour in the 2001 election.

    Back then, Hanson bashed asylum-seekers and polled 10 per cent in her first outing as a Senate candidate. But she fell well short of winning because a quota at a normal Senate election is 14.3%.

    One Nation’s policies on immigration and refugees had been adopted by both the major and moderate minor parties. This was fatal to her ambition to return to parliament, yet she made over a $$$million because the electorate office pays candidates $1 per vote.

    This time Hanson is up against the same senate candidate she was up against back then, Andrew Bartlett who has number two spot on the Greens ticket. But because Turnbull has called a double dissolution she can win with half the votes because the quota is only 7.2%!

    Hanson would have romped home in the Tampa election had Howard called a double dissolution.

    Hopefully Bartlett (Greens) can beat Hanson as he did in 2001!

    Ian Curr
    1 June 2016

  3. praxidice says:

    Whether one likes Hanson or otherwise, she has every right to have her policies debated. To suggest otherwise is to promote Newman / Abbott / Turnbull ‘born to rule’ style fascism.

    1. Neither represents us ... says:

      Pauline Hanson is just as elitist as Malcolm Turnbull, Campbell Newman, Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten.

      Hanson sent her kids to a private GPS school, Ipswich Grammar, and has considerable property at Mount Walker including a horse stud.

      Malcolm Turnbull may not be as blunt as Jacki Lambi calling Muslims ‘towel heads’, but he is a racist just the same with his line ‘we have to stop the boats’. And at least Jackie Lambi makes an apology of some sort for her racism, she explains that her position comes from her time in the military and that her concerns are for security.

      Nothing will secure our borders from rapacious capitalism under Turnbull!


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