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Frame-up cover
Poster “Frame-up – Who Bombed the Hilton?” Pam DEBENHAM TIN SHEDS POSTERS 1984 (Click to see original).

In Brisbane, in the late 1970s  the religious sect Ananda Marga were active in helping unemployed, including organising soup kitchens for aboriginal people.

One of their members, Evan Pederick, had been arrested with thousands of people marching for democratic rights and opposing uranium mining and export.… Go to Article


Emergency Brisbane rally – Close Nauru & Manus Island – Bring them here

Emergency Brisbane rally – hosted by Refugee Action Collective

Close Nauru & Manus Island.

Bring them here.

When & where:

5pm, Friday 6th May, King George Square, Brisbane.

Two people seeking asylum in Australia have self-immolated in Nauru detention centre in the last week. 21-year old Hodan was forcibly removed from Brisbane detention centre last Tuesday and transported to Nauru – within a week she had attempted suicide by immolation and lies in a critical condition in Brisbane.

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Thousands march through Brisbane for 125 year old tradition

For the first time in three years, Labor Day has been held in May. Ellen Ransley was there yesterday to find out more about what the Labor Day march means to Queenslander’s.

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