Emergency Brisbane rally – Close Nauru & Manus Island – Bring them here

Emergency Brisbane rally – hosted by Refugee Action Collective

Close Nauru & Manus Island.

Bring them here.

When & where:

5pm, Friday 6th May, King George Square, Brisbane.

Two people seeking asylum in Australia have self-immolated in Nauru detention centre in the last week. 21-year old Hodan was forcibly removed from Brisbane detention centre last Tuesday and transported to Nauru – within a week she had attempted suicide by immolation and lies in a critical condition in Brisbane. Omid passed away on Friday after self-immolation. His last words were “This is how tired we are, this action will show how exhausted we are. I cannot take it anymore.”

The Manus Island detention centre has been declared illegal by PNG High Court. Refugees locked up in Nauru have been protesting for over six weeks straight against their inhumane and barbaric detention.These camps have been revealed to be rife with sexual and physical abuse and torture. The Australian Government has claimed that none of these people will be brought to Australia. This is a disgrace. We must mobilise to demand these camps be shut down and all those locked up in them are brought immediately to Australia for processing and permanent settlement.

We will be hearing from speakers in King George Square before marching through the city to join with Mums for Refugees’ event in Brisbane Square “Songs for Freedom for Nauru and Manus”.

Further info:

Margarett, ph.0410 337 884 or margarett_mcpherson.
See also Facebook: Refugee Action Collective Queensland for updates.

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