In the eye of the storm: Palestine and the new media

This is your chance to see two of the best known Palestinian new media experts ALI ABUMINAH (The Electronic Intifada) and RAMZY BAROUD (The Palestine Chronicle) as they discuss the challenges of pushing the Palestinian narrative through Israel’s self-described “arsenal of internet tools” and its mega-funded hasbara (propaganda) into the public arena as well as the attempts by Western governments to muzzle free speech such as the right to boycott.

Panelists will relate this to the Australian media and why journalists are so ready to compromise their journalistic integrity and rigor and even self-censor for the sake of Israel. Fasten your seat belts as you to enter the eye of the storm.

We promise it will be eye-opening and give you new perspectives and fortitude to ride it out. BOOK HERE

Admission $20 (students/pensioners $10) lunch included

The program is as follows:

WELCOME – Bryan Dawe, political satirist

Opening addresses: Ali Abunimah
Ramzy Baroud

SESSION ONE Israel-Palestine in Australian media

Maher Mughrabi, journalist

Bernard Keane, journalist, author
Michael Brull, writer
Randa Abdel-Fattah, author

SESSION TWO – Israel-Palestine on Social Media

Samah Sabawi, writer, playwright

Ramzy Baroud, journalist, author
Noura Mansour, writer
Sara Saleh, human rights advocate

SESSION THREE – BDS and Free Speech

Emeritus Professor Stuart Rees

Ali Abunimah, journalist, author
Jake Lynch, academic, journalist
Paul Duffill, academic, dialogue trainer


2 thoughts on “In the eye of the storm: Palestine and the new media

  1. No sending-up of Israel? says:

    Satirist Bryan Dawe is giving the welcome at this symposium.

    For 25 years John Clarke and Bryan Dawe have broadcast a weekly interview on ABC TV in which prominent figures speak about matters of public importance.

    Not once have I seen them do a skit on Palestine or satirizing Israeli excess in Gaza and the West bank.

    Both Clarke and Dawe are both sympathetic to the struggle of the Palestinians.

    So why has there been no mention of Palestine on the ABC? is this a no go area? Is it self-censorship? No even a send up of Netanyahu?

    I wonder why? Even Joh Sgtewart gets to do it on CBS.

    See archive of Clarke & Dawe at

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