Pyne refutes attacks from ETU

Recently the member for Cairns,  Rob Pyne, resigned from the Labor Party and sat on the cross-benches in Queensland state parliament. This means that the Labor party-in-government requires his vote and the vote of the Katter Party to pass legislation.

Electrical Trades Union (ETU) state secretary, Peter Simpson, said Mr Pyne had “betrayed” members of the union who had campaigned for him during the Not4Sale anti-asset sales plan “by threatening to support a LNP government”.

“He is a rat on the labour movement for threatening to support a pro-privatisation party,” he said.

Mr Pyne said he was “disappointed because I don’t think you would find a stronger supporter of the ETU and their members than myself”.

“I’m surprised and hurt,” he said.

“I don’t know if it’s from within the parliamentary Labor Party or where it’s coming from. It’s been a real surprise to me.

“… I have had beers with them, I have campaigned to keep our assets in public ownership.

“I have always supported them and their members and their families.”

Why can’t Peter ‘Simmo’ Simpson see that Rob Pyne is doing exactly what the ETU did when Anna Bligh sold Queensland Rail? His union outed the Labour Party for selling off public assets and campaigned strongly against Anna Bligh resulting in victory for Campbell Newman. And when Campbell Newman tried to sell off electricity assets the union campaign against privartisation brought his government down.

Rob Pyne has called on Jackie Trad to have an inquiry into corruption in local government. Such an inquiry is especially important given the results of the local government elections last week where developers have managed to buy votes by backing corrupt mayors selling off public assets.

Why can’t Peter Simpson see this? Is it because of his union’s affiliation with the Labor Party? Have a look at this video to see where the member for Cairns is standing up for his local community and for public assets.

Readers of wbt look forward to Part II in this series.

Peter Simpson, the ETU and other unions need to support Rob Pyne in his fight against miners and land developers promoting corruption in local government in Queensland.

Look at Pyne’s record:

  • opposition to the Adani coal mine at Carmichael
  • part of community support for asylum seekers to be treated fairly and not deported to hell holes in the Pacific.
  • calls for an independent inquiry into local government
  • strong stand against privatisation

In his words, the independent member for Cairns says: “I am here for the 99 per cent not the 1 per cent. I represent workers and small business, not multinational corporations.”

Why wouldn’t Simmo support this?

Ian Curr
25 March 2016




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