What is Trotskyism?

‘Leninism is the knowledge and ability 
to turn culture, i.e. all the knowledge and 
skills amassed in previous centuries, to the 
interests of the working masses. 
Therein lies the essence of Leninism.’ 
                           - Leon Trotsky

[Publishers Note: Dear comrades, Just how relevant is Trotsky and Stalin today? I’m pretty sure the folk at the G17 discussion on the importance of the Public Libraries this Wednesday night will be able to shed some light on this vexed question. I am sure readers will be riveted by the two address given on YouTube below by JP Cannon on which way the revolution? Decide for yourselves. ]

You are invited to attend:

Workers’ Liberty day school: Revolutionary socialism: its roots and its future

Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Day of discussion and debate hosted by Workers’ Liberty

Reading and prior content:
Who was Trotsky?

Who was James P Cannon?

Who were Max Shachtman and Hal Draper?

The event will be hosted in a private venue.

Meet at New Cross Gate overground station at 11.45 to be taken to the venue, or call 07784641808 to get directions.Attend Event

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