What is Trotskyism?

‘Leninism is the knowledge and ability to turn culture, i.e. all the knowledge and skills amassed in previous centuries, to the interests of the working masses. Therein lies the essence of Leninism.’ - Leon Trotsky [Publishers Note: Dear comrades, Just how relevant is Trotsky and Stalin today? I’m pretty sure the folk at the G17 … Continue reading What is Trotskyism?

Justice For Palestine News 2016

Dear supporters of the Palestinian People Who can believe that we are already in March 2016 and reporting on the year that was 2015. I know for us at JFP it was a busy year with lots of successful events/fundraisers and of course raising awareness of BDS and the plight of the Palestinian people. 2105 … Continue reading Justice For Palestine News 2016

The Blood Vote

100 years ago the Australian Government attempted to trick and cajole people into voting for conscription during the first world war. Billy Hughes stage managed two referenda but to the credit of the people, they voted it down on both occasions. Informed by the local Labour newspaper, The Daily Standard, staffed by fearless journos like … Continue reading The Blood Vote