Film archive reveals two decades that changed Brisbane (1965 – 1985)

The Radical Times Historical archive includes films such as: The Long March (1974), The Whole World is Watching (1981), Manufacturing Dissent (1996) and We Fight (1982). These are only some of the 61 films contained in this archive.

Another film is a discussion between Sam Watson and Dennis Walker about Land Rights Struggle from the 1960s to the current day formed one of the exhibits of Taking to the streets  exhibition by the Museum of Brisbane in 2006.

Thanks to Radical Times Historical Archive for this footage and other films appearing in sequence here. Contact:

LeftPress Printing Society also submitted material for the Taking to the streets  exhibition. Films included If You don’t Fight You Lose (1977) and Land Rights Marches (1982).

See Related section below for other films in the archive.

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