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Film archive reveals two decades that changed Brisbane (1965 – 1985)

The Radical Times Historical archive includes films such as: The Long March (1974), The Whole World is Watching (1981), Manufacturing Dissent (1996) and We Fight (1982). These are only some of the 61 films contained in this archive. Another film … Continue reading


Laura Street: The Haze (between day and night)

[Publisher’s Note: Perhaps developers eyeing off West End & Highgate Hill should think again. And while I’m at it, the board rooms of corporate Australia should reconsider their attacks on workers rights. Phil Monsour has built up an archive of music videos that support these struggles and others.]

laura street festival 25 nov poster

Laura Street festival poster (archive)

“100 days” is an acoustic flavoured CD that features Sydney Oud player Mohamed Youssef on half of the tracks. The album is a step in the direction of one of Phil’s long term ambitions of blending some Eastern sounds from his family’s heritage with his contemporary acoustic rock style. “100 days” is the Phil Monsour bands third studio album and reflects a cohesive sound developed over time. On many songs electric guitars are swapped for acoustics, and Jon Lloyd has moves off the drum kit to play the Djembe. A number of the songs on the album were previously recorded with the full rock band, but for this project they’re recorded in a stripped back acoustic mode. The songs continue to feature Phil’s unique lyrical concerns and the title track 100 days is about a boat load of Palestinian refugees lost a sea while trying to reach Australia.

Refugee drugged into submission

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This man from Manus deserves an answer. What he is experiencing is universal throughout the detention camp system- people are drugged into submission. It may stop them killing themselves but it destroys their minds and makes them addicted. Pamela

We have no country, we want our land, our children

Paradigm Shift Summer of 16 4ZZZ fm 102.1 on 29 Jan 2016

Paradigm Shift

[Ian and Andy on Paradigm Shift 29 Jan 2016 4zzz fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon]

A round up of stories from the summer of 2016

  1. Grandmothers Against Removals Sydney
  2. Ode to Dundalee
  3. Use of Bail for Political Reasons
  4. George Mann Union Maid @ Illawarra Folk Club

Headline story
Grandmothers Against Removals Sydney [GMAR] and supporters will protest outside Family and Community Services [FACS] in Strawberry Hills at 12.30pm today to demand the immediate return of Aboriginal children forcibly removed from a Queensland family and placed in out-of-home care in Sydney.

Kukulangi Grandmother and founder of Brisbane Sovereign Grannies Group, Aunty Karen Fusi, will address the protest to demand a meeting with FACS for the return of her grandchildren. She says she was not even notified when her grandchildren were removed.

Currently, there are more than 15,000…

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