Paris: new capitalists enter renewable energy era

bze-logo[PN: This brief media release from  Beyond Zero Emissions announces that the  ‘Renewable Energy Era has Arrived’.

If people think that a new generation of green capitalists backing renewables is somehow is a solution to the world’s problems, think back to the late 1960s and early 1970s when the new rich in Australia were the mining companies replacing old wealth from agriculture and manufacturing. This  heralded and period of great riches for some, the board rooms of BHP, MIM, Rio Tinto were awash with new money all off even greater theft of the aboriginal land and exploitation of workers who produced the wealth.

Will new rich green capitalists redistribute wealth, will they protect workers rights, stop the war, can the environment be saved under capitalism? I think not. – Ian Curr, 14 Dec 2015]


The agreement world governments finalised in Paris signals the true beginning of the Renewable Energy Era  

The new Paris climate change agreement recognises the prominent role clean energy generation will play in every sector of every economy as part of our common pathway toward a safer climate, with 190 countries now committing to limit pollution from fossil fuels.

Stephen Bygrave, CEO of Australian climate solutions think tank Beyond Zero Emissions, said  “the Paris agreement puts in place a global framework that requires countries to continually strengthen pollution reduction targets over time. Additional commitments made outside of the agreement, including the Africa Energy Initiative – set to double the total existing energy capacity using renewable energy by 2030 – and the International Solar Alliance announced by India, will establish cheap, safe and proven renewables as the energy of choice of billions.

“That is why Paris marks the end of the fossil fuel age – it has provided surefire momentum for the true beginning of the renewable energy era, sending loud and clear signals to governments, and most importantly to business and investors.


“Now that we have a new global agreement, the Australian Government is expected to do many things that are good for the climate and which happen to be in the national interest.

“It can bring urgently needed reform to the energy sector and this will reinvigorate regional Australia. Australia’s most profitable large scale renewable resources lie close to the grid  in the regions – not in the cities – and are a vast untapped energy supply capable of lifting Australian manufacturing into the energy stratosphere, a spot reserved for energy superpowers.

“Government working with regions is well-placed to stage the transition to electrification of the transport and export sectors, first developing then utilising Australia’s vast renewable energy resource.

“Powering transport, exports and manufacturing with renewable energy is Australia’s great opportunity to be a major figure in the new renewable energy era economy, doing both ourselves and the climate a favour.

“Supporting energy-intensive industry is a major stumbling block for countries without a good renewable resource that will have to be addressed in accord with the Paris Agreement. Accomplishing energy sector reforms here – which are also needed for domestic supply – means that within the next few short years Australia could have a safe, profitable and clean energy story to share with the world at the next review of the Paris Agreement.

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