BDS Carols Dec 19th

Dear supporters of the Palestinian People

On the morning of Saturday 19th December Justice for Palestine Brisbane
will be serenading Mr Toys Toyworld customers, staff and passersby to
help them understand that buying Israel made goods for Christmas (or
ever) is not on.

We’ll use reworded Christmas carols to draw attention to the plight of
Palestinians, ignored in the holy land in the holy season, as a
contribution to the international BDS campaign.

You’re welcome to join us, we’ll provide the carols and may have a
social outing afterwards.

Meet at Reddacliff Place (south end of Queen Street Mall) just before
11am, Saturday 19th December, and we’ll go to Mr Toys Toyworld together.
If you come later find us there.

Facebook event can be found here

Free Free Palestine!

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2 thoughts on “BDS Carols Dec 19th

  1. Meanwhile in Palestine, Mary and Joseph hit the wall says:

    If Mary and Joseph tried to reach Bethlehem today they likely wouldn’t be able to make it; there’s a wall around the city. Palestinians have lived under an increasingly brutal occupation for almost 70 years. The occupation consists not only of intermittent wars (like in Gaza, the most densely populated place on Earth), but also complete Israeli control of Palestinians’ lives (through checkpoints, house demolitions, sieges).

    In 2005 Palestinians asked supporters to adopt the BDS (boycott, divest, sanction) campaign to pressure Israel to recognise Palestinian human rights. We have taken up this call in relation to Mr Toys Toyworld, a shop that stocks toys made in Israel/the occupied Palestinian territories. Children suffer as a result of Israel’s occupation: over the past 18 months around 600 Palestinian children have been killed by Israel.

    We call on Mr Toys Toyworld to cease stocking products made in Israel/the occupied Palestinian territories, to cease playing their role in the degradation of Palestinians.

    Please join us:
    * Email:
    * Phone: 1300 67 86 97
    * Snail mail: Mr Toys Toyworld, 3379 Pacific Hwy, SLACKS CREEK, QLD, 4127

    We’re on Facebook:

  2. BDS Carols on Saturday 19 Dec says:

    Meet at Reddacliff Place (south end of Queen Street Mall) and we will go to Mr Toys Toyworld together

    Join us for a morning of BDS caroling to remind Mr Toys Toyworld (and Brisbane shoppers) that all we want for Christmas is justice for Palestine.

    Join us before 11am at Reddacliff Place (south end of Queen Street Mall) and we’ll go to Mr Toys Toyworld together. If you come late just find us there.

    Message us if you want a copy of the carol lyrics before the day.

    Lyrics: Anonymous

    Hark, the herald angels sing:
    “Look what’s really happening
    while you sing of peace on earth,
    eat and drink with festive mirth.
    Nations, open up your eyes.
    Stop the silence and the lies,
    and throughout the world proclaim:
    “There’s a Wall round Bethlehem!”
    Hark, the herald angels sing:
    “Look what’s really happening!”

    Symbol of our lack of peace,
    symbol that our woes increase;
    symbol of the hate and fear
    filling places far and near.
    If peace comes to Bethlehem,
    it will radiate to them.
    Nations, join with us to call
    For the downfall of the Wall.
    Hark, the herald angels sing:
    “Look what’s really happening!”

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