‘Reclaim Australia’ poem

Reclaim ‘RECLAIM AUSTRALIA’ from the sad-sacks of shit

No straighter road to reclaiming Australia exists
than the one the Gurindji took reclaiming Wattie Creek
from the Lords Vestey by walking off in ‘66.
Only Aborigines and Torres Islanders can re-claim the continent.
While we latecomers back them for more than ritual recognition.
Together, we can reclaim what’s lately been stolen from you and me,
and together proclaim Australia as a land for rebels and refugees.

So let’s reclaim our privacy from the NSA,
Pine Gap from the CIA,
Darwin from the Marines, Katherine from the drones,
our foreign relations from the ANZUS misalliance,
our economic ties from trade-offs in dis-Agreements.

Let’s reclaim our water from the frackers fracking our soils
our farms from coal gougers
our forests from the chippers.

Let’s reclaim the unpaid super-profits from the mining conglomerates
and unpaid taxes from artful dodgers Apple, Uber, Turnbull and his ilk.
Let’s seize control of our financial system from currency raiders
and investment from vulture corporations such as BlackRock.
Reclaim the people’s bank sold off by the ALP.

Let’s reclaim our media from Mass Murdoch,
our creativity and culture from philanthropic parasites.

Starting from Gonski, let’s reclaim Public Education;
affordable and public housing from bankers,
public transport from the fraud of ‘private-public’ partnerships
and our health and well-being from Big Pharma domination.

Let’s reclaim full employment from the lie of one-hour’s work a week
and make that working week never more than eight hours on five days.

Let’s reclaim the weapons for these struggles:
organised labour from the Union of thieves and branch stackers,
participatory democracy from an ‘unrepresentative swill’,
our liberties for protest from anti-terror laws in their black-shirted regalia,
and the right to strike against Killard’s un-FairWork Australia.

Let’s make ‘reclaim’ our refrain
with independence our first gain
towards making Common-wealth resound
with more than just Australia’s name.
Authorised by the never-died collective


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