BHP – blood on its hands

There are diamonds on the river,
Diamonds floatin’ free
There are diamonds on the river
Just a lookin’ at me
BHP turned those highlights bloody
Chemical mud now lies beneath
All the homeless people stuck
Cos the company board made that sweet river sour
And all the people sick
                — The River Song
                   Ian Curr

On 5th Nov 2015 a massive dam burst in Minas Gerais, Brazil’s main mining state, and unleashed 60 million cubic meters of mud and mine waste that demolished a nearby village, killed at least 16 people and polluted a major river valley, killing fish and reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

The iron ore mine is owned by Vale SA and BHP Billiton Ltd.

Ian Curr (Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1, Fridays at Noon) spoke with Weliton Menário, graduating biologist, about the ecological disaster on the ‘Rio Doce’.

Further Reading
During the interview there was brief talk of the worth of education in bringing about change … although this was not brought up, I think I should mention alternatives to the University Education discussed in the interview.

Paulo Freire (1929-1997) is one of the most distinguished Brazilian pedagogues. His ideas are alive in struggles and utopias. His memory persists in his writings, and the vigor of his propositions stand out in the critiques and reinventions that scholars, educators, and militants constantly develop and elaborate through different points of view and in different contexts. I refer to Paulo Freire here, not just because he is a Brazilian educator and well-known figure, but, rather, because he has been extremely influential in guiding the thinking of many others, especially in relation to inter-culturalism.

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