BHP – blood on its hands

There are diamonds on the river, Diamonds floatin’ free There are diamonds on the river Just a lookin’ at me BHP turned those highlights bloody Chemical mud now lies beneath All the homeless people stuck Cos the company board made that sweet river sour And all the people sick — The River Song Ian Curr … Continue reading BHP – blood on its hands

Radical Autonomous Social Centres

The Social Left

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 on Friday 27 Nov 2015

On the eve of Turnstyle’s yearly festival, Andy interviews people from radical social centres around Australia: Horn of Plenty (Melb), Hot Shot (Melb), Black Robe (Syd), The Swamp (Newcastle)



Ambitious Lovers – Winter got warmer

Tu P – March is long

Carrie and the Cut Snakes – Can’t call you

Mouldy Lovers – Paint bomb grenades

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Progress vs Repentance

Andy sees through ‘workerism’


When I first started investigating the history of the Catholic Worker movement, it was pretty exciting. Here was a movement that had been going for most of a century that, despite a few theological differences (I can appreciate it, but have never quite managed to reconcile myself to the whole catholic thing), mostly believed all the weird things I believed and tried to live the bizarre way that I wanted to live.

I especially liked reading the brief manifestos of Peter Maurin, the eccentric French born labourer who inspired the founding of the Catholic Worker but would regularly be mistaken for one of the homeless guests in the house.

One of Peter’s sayings I found a bit harder to agree with. Even in the 1930’s depression, when working conditions were atrocious, he would respond to the Catholic Worker newspaper covering industrial actions by saying “strikes don’t strike me.” Not that…

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8 Paris COP21: Climate talks may not matter, because coal and oil will be redundant anyway

{PN: Worth a look, of note are the first 3 articles. McFarlane's move from the Libs to Nats for Deputy Prime Minister would make it harder for Mal Turnbull to turn the bull (the LNP) around - ha ha -thnx Trevolution] PARIS: There is considerable concern in Paris – and elsewhere – about whether the … Continue reading 8 Paris COP21: Climate talks may not matter, because coal and oil will be redundant anyway