Front door for kids at Melbourne MITA camp- renovation completed

Tell Senate NO to More force Bill

Pamela Curr
ASRC Refugee Rights Advocate

Let’s close Nauru and Manus and bring people to safety in Australia #RightThingToDo

ASRC is on the land of the Wurundjeri & Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin nation

One thought on “Homecoming

  1. Edward Kelly (AKA 'Ned') says:

    I’m vehemently opposed to increasing migration into Australia, regardless of who the migrants are or from whence they come. We already have insurmountable issues with employment, infrastructure and resources, consequently any attempt to increase the population should be regarded as treasonous. When its all said and done, government policies over the last twenty years or more have been responsible for much of the world conflict that led people to flee their countries. An infinitely more intelligent reaction to refugee problems would be to address the issues where they begin rather than merrily plastering band-aids on a rotting corpse which is the MO chosen by the bloodsucking parasites in Canberra. We’d only need to spend a miniscule percentage of what we contribute to yankee armament manufacturers for destructive crap if we actually fixed a few things in troublespots, thereby removing the need for half the world’s population to migrate elsewhere. I strongly suggest the sheeple stop believing the unmitigated lies promoted by Murdoch and the other bottom-feeding media grubs and start thinking for themselves about what is really going in in the world. Remember its EXTREMELY easy to discern when a politician is lying.

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