West Papua Flag raising

> Flag Raising for West Papua Independence day – Brisbane
> 4.30pm singing practise
> 5.00pm- 6pm Vigil
> King George Square Tuesday December 1st 2015
> On December 1st, 1961, West Papua raised its flag and celebrated its independence as a united nation. Unfortunately it wasn’t to last long. Within a year the Indonesian military had invaded the island of Papua, and with the help of the United States, began a permanent occupation. The brutal colonisation of West Papua has killed hundreds of thousands of people. >
> 54 years later, it is illegal to raise the West Papuan flag or take any action towards independence. There are over 50 Papuan political prisoners currently behind bars. >
> But Papuan people have never stopped struggling for their independence, and on Decmber 1st we will stand with them in soldarity. For independence, self-determination and human rights. While Papuans are brutally enslaved by Indonesian control, mining profits and the world’s apathy; none of us are truly free. >
> So join us in King George Square on December 1st to raise the Morning Star flag, sing some Papuan freedom songs and join with people around the world who believe that West Papua can once again be free. Papua merdeka >
> We will being singing the banned Anthem see attached words > and link for singing practise

West Papua Anthem.docx

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