VALE Fazal – a gentle soul

As confusion continues about how Fazal died on Christmas Island, there is no confusion about the fact that he was so mentally ill that he tried to end his pain in BITA.

Instead of being given mental health care and released from detention as he should have been, this gentle man was transported to Christmas Island Hell.

A Coronial Inquiry is needed to trace the lack of care and the imposition of cruelty on this gentle man who had suffered so much torture in his life.

Tonight his friends are in shock at the loss of a good man.

Terrible news from Christmas Island today

Fazal first time out of detention shopping at Savers.

Fazal , a gentle man who never hurt anyone, is now dead under suspicious circumstances.

Fazal is a Stateless Failli Kurd who arrived in Australia by boat in October 2010

He was given refugee status – Refugee positive, Security positive.

Waited in detention for years – no reason- eventually told that he was POI (person of Interest) because of an incident in Curtin.
In desperation after three years in detention with no information as to why, he jumped off the MITA roof. He said-“God did not want me to die so I must try to live”.

After this he was released into community detention in Melbourne for several months where he lived in the northern suburbs, learning English, riding his bike and walking his friends dog and generally helping his friends. The then Minister revoked his visa after he was charged with Assault in Curtin.

Fazal was involved in an incident in Curtin Detention Centre on 22December 2011.

Fazal was in Curtin, had nose broken , face smashed, hand crushed in a fight there- he was an ccidental victim.

After 13 months the CDPP has charged Fazal with assault. Minister had five men prosecuted by a QC in the magistrates court in Perth.
Video footage of the incident showed that Fazal did not hit anyone but the rough justice of the Perth Magistrates Court ignored the evidence.

He was given a good behaviour bond which has long finished but he remained in detention.

He was tortured in Iran after being picked up as a Failli Kurd. Repeatedly brutally beaten and tortured.
He has a medical condition which caused him great discomfort and interrupted his sleep.
IHMS medical has proved unsatisfactory.

Under the torture and trauma protocols this man should be in detention as a “last resort”.

Recently he tried to end his life by jumping off the BITA roof. He was punished by being sent to Christmas Island where reports came out that he was thin and very ill.

We are very distressed to hear that Fazal escaped from Christmas Island two days ago and then returned to the camp today and was calling out for help.

There are grave questions to answer as to how this man died and by whose hand.

There is much confusion and no information.

Fazal did not deserve this.

Vale Fazal your friends are mourning your death and will not rest until we know why you are no longer with us.

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