Mental Health and the Public Trustee Exposed

Paradigm Shift

[PShift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Friday 16 Oct 2015]

Nathan and Nicole present radical perspectives on mental health.

Pls Note: your own perspective is important, this is an alternative view where self-determination is a key to change in mental health perspectives.

Jacks McNamara does interview on Icarus project with Ken Paul Rosenthal  and gives his own experiences.

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restreamerNicole  does interview with Rosslyn from theQld Public Trustee Exposed who is trying to raise awareness on the perpetrators of bad decisions by the public trustee and guardian. Questionable financial decisions by the Public Trustee resulting in the denial of justice.

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Various community health announcements.

Bonfire Madigan – Inch X Inch

12:09 Jacks McNamara – Crooked Beauty excerpt

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One response to “Mental Health and the Public Trustee Exposed

  1. Jo on 'Regulatory Capture'

    The systemic problem with all Government Departments and their alleged overarching Regulatory Authorities – is just that they can never be seen as implementing an ‘independent review’ as that ‘review’ is somewhat tainted as the regulatory authorities are in essence implementing the laws, acts and legislation against their own colleagues… it is called ‘regulatory capture’

    DEFINITION of ‘Regulatory Capture’
    Regulatory capture is a theory associated with George Stigler, a Nobel laureate economist. It is the process by which regulatory agencies eventually come to be dominated by the very industries they were charged with regulating. Regulatory capture happens when a regulatory agency, formed to act in the public’s interest, eventually acts in ways that benefit the industry it is supposed to be regulating, rather than the public.

    You see when a ‘victim’ is captured by either the Queensland Aged Care and or QPT – they lose their identity, their right to the protection of those laws of both the State and this Country and they in the end are driven either by despair or in the case of enforced capture by those authorities, the withholding of food, water and or correct medication, and then they die, either, it is alleged by their own hand or by the hand of the ‘authorities’ chosen corporate bodies… many of whom in the instance of the QPT appear on their list of ‘charitable organisations’ who are recipients of the ‘largesse’ of the QPT who has divested their ‘victims’ of more often than not their property and bank accounts…and then donate other people’s money to the many ‘open handed’ corporations… most especially Nursing Homes…

    BREAKING DOWN ‘Regulatory Capture ‘
    Public interest agencies that come to be controlled by the industry they were charged with regulating are known as captured agencies. Regulatory capture is an example of gamekeeper turns poacher; in other words, the interests the agency set out to protect are ignored in favor of the regulated industry’s interests.

    Or as described in this document by the ANU the revolving door – in which Government Departments are more likely than not to be staffed by individuals coming from the industry that they are required to ‘regulate’.

    I do hope that this has been useful to you.

    L Jo


    Click to access In_out_revolving_door.pdf

    PS On their line I put in more alleges and it is understood so that I cannot be sued ….


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