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Petition to force supermarkets to distribute out of date food to charities?

[Publisher’s Note: For a couple of years i was a volunteer in a local food program organised by the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy (the tent embassy). During my time volunteering with the tent embassy, we acquired cast-off supermarket food from … Continue reading


How Big Coal bought a government and trashed the environment

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THURSDAY 17 SEPT 7PM @ ETU 41 Peel St, South Brisbane GUEST SPEAKERS: Kristen Lyons, Drew Hutton, Murrawah Johnson & Anthony Esposito Adani’s proposed Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin, Queensland, is experiencing divestment from big banks, a strong … Continue reading


Refugees from politics

Baby boy asleep on the sand Face down, bum up Toddler sleeping position of choice That all parents recognise Dressed with care in clothes just right For the outing of the day Sun rises on the Turkish beach Earth spins … Continue reading