Day of Action to defend West End from Developers

I thought you might be interested in signing this e petition called ‘Objection to development application at 93 Boundary Street, West End’.

You can find the epetition at

This developer is proposing 25 storeys right in the heart of West End in Boundary St.

This will cause huge increases in traffic and congestion.

Little open space is provided.

25 storeys is not a liveable height.

It will be an impersonal place that does not fit in with the feeling of our community. There is nowhere for the children who would live there to attend school. West End SS and Brisbane SHS are full. Our little suburb is being wrecked by greedy developers who do not live here and care only about their profits.

Please sign the petition and attend the rally and march on Sunday 2 August at 10 am starting at the old School of Distance Education at 403 Montague Road West End. It is very important that we stand up for our community. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Lyn Graham

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