Israel detains Palestinian Archbishop Hanna


30 June 2015

The human rights and Palestine solidarity organization BDS South Africa condemns Israel’s recent arrest and detainment of Palestinian Archbishop Theodosios Atallah Hanna. Over the past weekend Archbishop Hanna was arrested when he participated in a non-violent protest march against Israel’s illegal seizure of a Palestinian hospital which is part of the al-Baraka (“house of blessing”) Presbyterian church complex, north of Hebron in Palestine.

An international delegation from the Presbyterian church as well as other international peace activists took part in the protest march with Archbishop Hanna against the illegal Israeli seizure of the Palestinian hospital and church compound. According to the protestors the sale of the hospital and church compound is illegal under international and canonical law.

Palestinians claim that the seizure of the hospital and church compound are being used to establish an illegal Israeli settlement outpost which Israelis eventually want to have form part of the illegal Gush Etzion Israeli settlement bloc. Last month Israel’s Haaretz newspaper leaked details of the illegal seizure of al-Baraka hospital and church compound by a Jewish billionaire with the assistance of an Israeli settler. It is alleged that the sale was made by employing a variety of shell corporations and charitable organizations to cover up the acquisition of the church property.

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