Refugee Use of Force already causing harm

Please vote against the #killbill authorising use of more force in detention.

Already at the MITA new rules have been introduced.

1 Now all men are handcuffed before they are taken to the doctor or hospital- last week two men had hand XRays while handcuffed. They find it demeaning as well as uncomfortable. Nothing has happened to make this change necessary – no evidence necessitating use of handcuffs

2 All men and now women too are now being pat-searched. This means hands run over their bodies and up their legs. Some of the women from Nauru have been sexually abused- being touched by guards has precipitated panic attacks in 2 women and others are refused to attend outside medical appointments and counselling because to do so means all this touching. This is done by a female guard in front of male guards.

3 Guards are telling people in the Mita who question these changes- “we can do whatever we like to you”

Both measures are done in front of their children, shaming and. demeaning the parents in their children’s eyes. Comments from the children reveal their deep anger at the way their parents are treated. Trust in adults completely undermined. What does this do to children in the long term?

Please ask Labor and Cross bench senators to vote against this Bill- Senators Madigan and Leyonhjelm have already said they will.

Pamela Curr
Let’s close Nauru and Manus and bring people to safety in Australia #RightThingToDo

ASRC is on the land of the Wurundjeri & Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin nation

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