A town wiped out for a failing industry?

Did you see 4 Corners last Monday night?
Apparently, coal is not the sure thing Australians have been led to believe. According to financial experts, the market for seaborne thermal coal is in structural decline on a global scale. If that’s true, we need to get our priorities right, and stop risky coal projects that are threatening our villages, farmland and water resources.

And no coal mine is more contentious then the proposed Acland Stage 3 Coal expansion on the Darling Downs.

Click here to lodge an objection to the proposed Acland Stage 3 mine – it will only take 1 minute.

The first two stages of the mine caused the removal and destruction of 54 homes from the town of Acland and the purchase of up to 80 surrounding family farms. Now, there are a just a few houses left, and the devastating result is a whole community that has been torn apart.

But it doesn’t end there. The coal company has plans for a massive expansion – Stage 3 – that will destroy 3,400 acres of Strategic Cropping Lands in the fertile Darling Downs.

And if the expansion goes ahead, it will trigger the sale of the Acland War Memorial and Tom Doherty Park – treasured heritage sites to the local community – to the mining company.

Click here and act to stop our farms and villages being sacrificed for a failing industry.

In two consecutive state elections the major parties have promised to reject or seriously investigate this mine expansion, and then squibbed it afterward.

They think that the economics of selling coal is more important than the farmland it will destroy, the heritage it will ruin… but last night’s 4 Corners called all of that into question. Is it really worth losing our food land and good clean water for an industry with only a few more good years left to run?

The farming communities around Oakey and Acland haven’t stopped battling yet, but they need your help.

Will you support the farmers that grow our food and make an objection to this terrible mine expansion?

The recent actions of the new ALP Government in Qld has devastated the local community. The Government are turning their back on the promises they made to properly scrutinise the Acland mine and its impacts, to hold a public inquiry into political donations and to restore the rights of communities to object to mining.

It’s groundhog day for the communities of the region, who can’t believe they’ve been let down all over again.

The Qld Government has already granted a draft approval for the project, and we’ve got just 15 days left to lodge objections to it.

Our quick and easy submission guide will give you all the information that you need to object.

Thanks so much for your action and support.

Drew Hutton
Lock the Gate Alliance

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