A town wiped out for a failing industry?

Did you see 4 Corners last Monday night?
Apparently, coal is not the sure thing Australians have been led to believe. According to financial experts, the market for seaborne thermal coal is in structural decline on a global scale. If that’s true, we need to get our priorities right, and stop risky coal projects that are threatening our villages, farmland and water resources.
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Stench of cover-up from Lindt inquest

Seige gunman and self-styled Muslim cleric Man Hanon Moris.

By Alex Mitchell*

Stage management of the coronial inquest into the Lindt café siege broke down in spectacular fashion this week with the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions scrambling to ban publication of embarrassing evidence.

The DPP wants to suppress evidence of why the siege gunman Man Haron Monis was on bail on serious criminal charges when he took hostages at gunpoint at the Martin Place coffee bar last December 15.

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Does the Public Guardian act ethically?

OPG Fact sheet headers[Opinion]

The Australian | Digital Print Edition - The Weekend Australian - 13 Jun 2015 - Page #2Since winning government unexpectedly, the Qld Labor Government has been advertising Departmental Head’s jobs in all ministerial PORTFOLIOS.

The position of Public Guardian is one of these. The Attorney General, Ms Yvette D’Ath, has advertised the Guardian’s position. It is interesting to note that a departmental Director General gets about $450,000 per annum.… Go to Article