Resisting destruction of forests in Gippsland and constructing fear in Qatar

Defence of the Kuark State Forest
Andy speaks with Ed Hill from the Goonerah Environment Centrevin East Gippsland about the long march to making of a National Park in East Gippsland in Victoria. Andy and Ian discuss the political struggle involved in going on that long march.

Constructing fear in Qatar
Ian talks about the exploitation of foreign workers in Qatar and in Australia.… Go to Article

Australian breaks the silence of Israeli Military

[Publisher’s note: At a time when Israeli military incursions into Gaza are on the rise and Palestinians are on the edge of despair because of failure to implement the conditions of the cease-fire, an Israeli-Australian soldier reveals the dark side of apartheid enforce by the Israeli Occupation Forces. Ian Curr, June 2015]

During the recording of Deutsche Welle’s “The New Arab Debates,” Corporal Shachar Berrin, an immigrant from Australia and a religiously observant lone soldier, was in the audience.Go to Article