Resisting destruction of forests in Gippsland and constructing fear in Qatar

Defence of the Kuark State Forest
Andy speaks with Ed Hill from the Goonerah Environment Centrevin East Gippsland about the long march to making of a National Park in East Gippsland in Victoria. Andy and Ian discuss the political struggle involved in going on that long march.

Constructing fear in Qatar
Ian talks about the exploitation of foreign workers in Qatar and in Australia. Sharan Burrow, making a left turn after vacating the Presidency of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (2000-10), went with an ABC film crew and journalist Eric Campbell to QATAR to expose terrible conditions for over 1 million migrant construction workers. Not the worst in the region but pretty bad nonetheless. Ms Burrow highlights the modern slavery practiced by the ruling elite in Qatar in the lead-up to the World Cup in 2022.

Qatar is the home of al Jazeera and of US airforce and military bases used to strike Iraqi and Syrian people. Qatar is a feudal autocracy that refuses foreign workers permission to enter the capital city of Doha during its national day of celebration, even though it was those foreign workers that built the city.
Resisting destroying forests in Gippsland and constructing fear in Qatar.

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