Dave Eden on Karl Marx

Dave Eden is an original thinker and analyses our unknown unknowns concerning Marx. It is a critique of Left thinking on Neo-Liberalism (‘bad people do bad things’). Ian Curr, May 2015

One thought on “Dave Eden on Karl Marx

  1. Viola Wilkins says:

    I shared with Mike Ballard and he replied:

    While it’s true that Capital is a social relationship, it is also true that Marx uses the word to describe machines and labour i.e. fixed capital and variable capital. I think Comrade Eden has not approached Heinrich’s interpretation of Marx with as much critical thought as he’s approached Engels’s interpretation of Marx.

    Socially necessary labour time is not only an abstraction, it’s the reality of daily life for the working class and capitalists who realise the wealth workers produce, described abstractly as surplus value.

    Eden has been influenced by Heinrich and Heinrich is trying to replace Engels as the best interpreter of Marx’s theory.

    Have you read my critique of Heinrich,


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