Gillard’s finest moment: “Not Now, Not Ever!”

[Publisher’s Note: If Kevin Rudd’s finest moment was saying Sorry to the stolen generation, Julia Gillard’s was her refusal to allow Tony Abbott to get away with sexism and misogyny.]

From the composer, Rob Davidson:

“When I heard Julia Gillard’s parliamentary speech addressing misogyny, it struck me that behind the politics there was a lot of personal feeling being communicated. I wanted to put a frame around this slice of time, to heighten my perception of what was being said behind the words, in the intonation of the voice, and in the dynamics of what was being said in interjections and reactions. The resulting choral piece, in which the singers echo and support the Prime Minister’s speech melodies, is initially quite humorous, as we are confronted with the melody that perhaps was not evident to us before. As the music goes on, it passes into something more serious, and (it is hoped) we hear the Prime Minister as a woman experiencing very real emotions.

The Australian Voices are the ideal performers for such a work – ready for anything and enthusiastic to tackle any challenge, these brilliant young artists threw themselves into the highly unfamiliar approach to choral singing, with results that I find exhilarating as a composer.”

Singers: Lachlan Weh, Sam Boyd, Amber Evans, David Faraker, Christina Mairs, Martin Cardell, Alma Brock, Jacob Ballard, Eliza Scott, David Brodsky, Eleanor Streatfeild, Andrew Firth, Tali Kellam-Pearson, Lisa Cheney, Dhanika Rubasinghe, Georgie Ostenfeld, Nathan Falkenhagen, Jenny Pan, Bevan Moller, Dani Settle, Dominic Hefferan.

Composer: Rob Davidson
Performed by The Australian Voices (dir. Gordon Hamilton)
DP: Miki Clarke
Sound Engineer: Geoff McGahan
Producer: Scott Griffin

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