Reclaiming Australia from the modern age

Was this a gift from the Newman Government to the people of Australia?

The uncertain morality of at least one of the components of the anti-Muslim movement is indicated by the case of an organisation incorporated in Queensland.

“Far-right anti-Islam group the Patriots Defence League will be investigated for claiming to authorities it is an advocacy group for domestic violence victims.The group, which called itself the Australian Defence League until last year, was instrumental in the Reclaim Australia marches, and has chapters in major and regional cities across Australia.”..

“The group was registered as an incorporated association in January 2014.

One of the benefits of incorporation is that it offers some legal and financial protection for office bearers against legal action taken against the organisation.

Without incorporation, those members could be personally liable to pay damages.

Incorporation also gives associations to right to apply for private and public funding, claim tax advantages and to allow the association to enter into contracts.” – Bianca Hall. The Age 13 April 2015,7575

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