4ZZZ: on this day

joint effort

Please find attached the “on this day” history lesson for April.
It’s a bit light on – any other details would be greatly appreciated.
Also, an image from Zed Beat market day if anyone has one???

April 7 1989

A benefit gig is held in Sydney at the Paddington RSL for 4ZZZ and Sydney’s 2RSR which had both been evicted from their studios. The gig featured Painters and Dockers, Sparklers, Ups and Downs, Falling Joys, Tall tales and True, and the Brisbane ex-pats Black Assassins. It raised $10 000, which both stations used to help them move and build new studios.

Flyer courtesy of Black Assassins’ website http://www.blackassassins.net/PaddoRSL.html

harley stumm

April 9th 1985

4ZZZ journalist Harley Stumm was arrested under the then newly introduced Electricity (Continuity of Supply) Amendment Act 1985, for interfering with SEQEB workers while he was reporting at a SEQEB picket. Charges were dropped over a year later when police failed to offer evidence at his appearance in the Brisbane Magistrates Court. SEQEB electricity workers had walked off the job in February that year over wage negotiations.

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