Rally Against RACISM & BIGOTRY

racism and bigotryOn April 4th, thousands of Australians will participate in hate marches across the country, directed at our Muslim population. You are invited to take a stand against this spread of racism & bigotry by joining us in a counter-rally.

The “Reclaim Australia” rallies are led by white supremacist & Nazi organisations

They rally supporters through spreading unfounded fear and outrage against a peacefu l popu lation due to the actions of a tiny number of extremists. ···· Physical and verbal abuse of Muslims, as well as vandalism of their property has already occurred around the nation – rallies like this incite hatred against the innocent, just for looking “muslim”.

If you don’t stand against this Nazi-led rally, who will?

The fight is real – thousands of Australians will march in support of these rallies, if we do not stand up, the hate bigotry & racism will spread.

Friends, Banners/placards, Noise-makers (e.g. pots and pans,etc) •A will to show more people are against racism & bigotry than for it

Rally Against Racism & Bigotry – Brisbane
facebook event http://tinyurl.com/kw8z8wx
even if you can’t attend people take the time to invite all your friends to the facebook event.

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