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4 women for treaty

find attached and below information on a most important forum from four strong aboriginal women (Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, Amy McQuire, Amala Groom & Natalie Cromb) speaking strongly not so much for a faux ‘recognition’ within the britished-based australian constitution (1901) but for our absolute right to a full and honourable treaty or treaties, nation to nations.

secret-english words being added to their constitution will give us absolutely nothing whereas treaties will make justice for our peoples. in fact their is argument that by falling for their weasel words we aboriginal mobs may end up in a more terrible adverse situation. as usual. we must never ever forget that nothing has ever been given to us, we have always had to fight for it or do it ourselves.

full land rights and not the lies of native title or worse, the most useless indigenous land use agreements that give even less rights to our traditional lands. real preservation of our cultures and languages. our right to return to traditional law to allow true healing of our men, women and children rotting in a white-based punishment system. and even more. no more cap-in-hand oliver twist approaches to our human rights to housing, education, health and other matters financed from our own lands and the resources in them. and including our rivers, creeks and seas.

suicide within our cultures pre-invasion was an unknown, now it is rampant. our culture, our elders-in-circle can heal the human damage caused by the 227 year ongoing invasion.

we will no longer abjectly continue to remain as 3rd class citizens in our own nations. we now have our freedom summit that will continue the fight-back against the genocide and criminality of the ongoing colonial law.

four strong aboriginal women calling for what is right for us as a people. come hear their collective wisdom.

i especially invite those groups such as recognise, antar and others who blindly urge all to support the government trickery. come hear the true voices explaining the truth of our collective call for justice.


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

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we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people

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  1. Drunk guy at the pub says:

    Whilst I fully support the rights of original Australians, factions only assist the ‘divide & conquer’ principle so ably utilized by successive political regimes..Unfortunately government trickery is endemic to the Australian political system and its certainly not only indigenous people who are adversely affected. It doesn’t really matter what team is in power because none of them have any concept of the dictionary meaning of ‘justice’. Politicians as a race see the legal / justice system as merely a tool with which to oppress the sheeple. Meanwhile the sheeple blindly give their allegiance to one team or another, ignoring the fact that the only way to bring the parasites to account is for all Australians (indigenous & non-indigenous alike) to form a united front demanding true accountability from those we elect to serve us.

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