Public Housing Evictions

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[Broadcast on Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1) at noon on 27 Feb 2015]

Sydney has a long history of evictions and resistance to them. During the Great Depression, tenants unions would blockade houses to prevent banks evicting families. In the 1970’s, as Barney Gardner briefly mentions in the interview below, the Builders Labourers Federation launched a series of “green bans”, refusing to work on jobsites that were evicting working class people and demolishing historic buildings. These bans, working alongside the communities affected, helped to preserve low income housing in Woolloomooloo and Glebe, and kept historic buildings in The Rocks and Kings Cross.

Millers Point is a tiny enclave of houses near Darling Harbour that has managed to survive through all this, though it has changed hands from Maritime housing to department of housing.

With Sydney inner city housing prices through the roof, the department of housing is now trying to…

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by Gerry Georgatos For weeks now the rumours have swirled that National Indigenous Television would come under the crossfire of reduced funding by Government to SBS. Weeks ago, insiders at NITV told me that their signature piece, the daily NEWS program, was slated for replacement by a ‘cheaper’ format. They said that NITV stalwart, Malaarndirri … Continue reading Aboriginal voices under fire – NITV News and NIT newspaper

Bat attack blockade at Whitehaven mine

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Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy and Aboriginal Housing Company dispute

> to my understanding the article below has some errors of fact concerning the pemulwuy project history at the block at redfern and i shall endeavour to correct those errors. this post is relative to the redfern aboriginal tent embassy only. > > my disclaimer is that whilst an avid supporter of the embassy and … Continue reading Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy and Aboriginal Housing Company dispute

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[Publishers Note: Posted below is a brief chronology of events that have occurred at Community Radio 4zzz in the month of March from its eviction from the University of Qld till today. Thanks to Heather Anderson from Zed who is on the board of 4ZZZ and did her PhD thesis on "Raising the Civil Dead: … Continue reading 4ZZZ: on this day in March