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[Publishers Note: Posted below is a brief chronology of events that have occurred at Community Radio 4zzz in the month of March from its eviction from the University of Qld till today. Thanks to Heather Anderson from Zed who is on the board of 4ZZZ and did her PhD thesis on “Raising the Civil Dead: Prisoners’ radio in Australia and Canada” the main focus seems to be on fundraising through market days – Ian Curr Feb 2015]

Sat 14th March 1988
4ZZZ held a Market Day on the University of Queensland Oval, one of the early ones to attempt to incorporate more local music into the event, which was traditionally more focused on markets and promoting the station’s Radiothon. To quote Garry Williams in the book Generation Zed , “A kind of mat was laid on a flat patch of grass to serve as the stage and, with the weather looking good, the groups played under the sun to a relaxed but largely indifferent crowd, while the main business of the event, the market stalls, took place up in the carpark”. The bill included Who’s Gerald (featuring Dave McCormack, later of Custard fame), the Adorable Ones, Stinsons and Batswing Saloon (featuring Michelle Bowden, who later played in Gravelrash and Chopper Division). Another band gate crashed the event by setting up their own show at the side of the station, managing a few songs before someone could find the power source and unplug them! The band was Act featuring Cal from numerous future bands including Alien Virus, Acid World, Escape from Toytown and Helical, and they did it because they were frustrated with never getting any gigs through the station even though they offered to play for free, and the band members were station volunteers. Photo of ACT in the 4ZZZ record library, taken from Reverb Nation.

Sat 11 March 1989
4ZZZ held a market day at Wests Rugby Union in Toowong, as part of its “A street kid named Zed” radiothon (the station had just moved from its original home in UQ after a forced failed eviction and consequent pressure from the conservative UQ Student Union). The bill featured Post No Bills, Reptile House and the Minnesota Triplets, and the station raised over $600 in what was then known as a “green raffle”.

Sat 10 March – 1990
4ZZZ presented Seattle grunge pioneers, Mudhoney, at East Leagues Club, supported by the Proton Energy Pills and Brisbane’s own Alien Virus, to a crowd of around 600 people.

Sat 23 March 1991
Even by 1991 the 4ZZZ market days were not particularly band-focused from the crowd’s point of view, despite effort by the station to focus on live entertainment (Garry Williams, Generation Zed). This Albert Park market day featured

· Pat Ridgewell (supposed to be Small World Experience) · Dream Poppies · Bam Bams · Chopper Division · Mad Parade · Purple Avengers

Still not very band focussed from the crowd’s point of view.

Sat 19 March 1994
4ZZZ presented the “Zed-O-Vision” Market Day. Billed as having four stages and over 40 acts, this event was held at Albert Park and was FREE! As well as the music there was a skate ramp, over 80 market stalls, fire breathing, stilt walking, and a Chai tent (featuring the best original and acoustic world, blues and eco-friendly music). Bands on the bill included AIM, All-star Blues Band, Alison St Ledger, Andy McDowell and the Rhythm Whores, Antisocial, Blitzbabies, Chris Anderson, Disgracelands, Dreamkillers, Earth Reggae, Fabulous Nobodies, Fur, Gravelrash, Isis, Johnson Stompers, Katharsis, Kubota, Lawless Murphies, Meldashake, Never Never, Not from there, One Straw, Phil Monsour, Plebians, Pure Bunk, Regurgitator, RF Brahm, Snowplow, Soundhog, Spank, The Fred Band, The Jackson Code, The Thames, Toilet Doilies, Toothfaeries, Webster and Whisperhouse. http://brisbaneandbeyondlive.blogspot.com.au/2010/05/4zzz-market-day-zed-o-vision.html

Sunday March 23 2014
4ZZZ launches its inaugural Brisbane Live Music Week, seven days dedicated to promoting Brisbane’s live music scene, including live to air performances and pre-recorded sets on air, as well as live events and a comprehensive website. The initiative went on to win the 2014 Community Broadcasting Association of Australia “Contribution to Australian Music” award, which acknowledges the significant contribution made by a station or program in supporting local Australian music and helping to develop Australian musicians. Picture by Heather Anderson of station manager, Michelle Brown, accepting the award.

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