Inconvenient truths on children in detention

The Forgotten Children – National Inquiry into Children Forgotten childrenin Immigration Detention. The occupational therapists at Brisbane Detention Centre reported that children are not meeting the same developmental milestones as children in the Australian community:

[There are] notable delays in almost all children in the centre, as compared to children of a relative age in an Australian demographic …We could say that these children are not meeting developmental milestones according to Australian research … Children in detention struggle with awareness of routine, accessing age appropriate spaces and activities, emotional regulation (especially self-calming when upset or over-excited), coping with loss, skills for engaging in groups or with peers, and experiencing success and positive attention.

Track record of both Labor and LNP government’s:
1992 children in detention July/August 2013 when Tony Burke installed as minister. He then released 614 children in 8 weeks before election. (Tony Burke released kids but was only immigration minister for 2 months. [The Minister that followed Burke] Chris Bowen introduced all the nasty policies as well as bridging visas for releases but was not generous in handing these out.)

1278 children in detention when Morrison [LNP] took over in Sept 13, 2013

1228 children in detention in January 2014 – most of the 50 children not released but sent to Nauru tents.

Morrison then released small numbers over 2014 when under pressure from doctors but he kept most locked up for up to 20 months.

It was these children who were used to bribe the Senators into passing a Migration Bill which will have gross human rights abuse consequences in coming months.

Children were not released because it was in their best interests but because it became in the best interest for Minister Morrison when he could not get his way with a horrible bill. These are inconvenient truths.

Pamela Curr
ASRC Refugee Rights Advocate

Let’s close Nauru and Manus and bring people to safety in Australia #RightThingToDo

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  1. Drunk guy at the pub says:

    Rather than get into the argument re legitimmacy or otherwise of boat people, I suggest we agitate for the money presently squandered on war to be re-assigned toward improving conditions in the countries from which refugees come. Even the million dollars per rocket fired would make a significant difference.

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