Daily Archives: February 13, 2015

Grandparents against Removals

At parliament house, Canberra, 13 Feb 2015 … Absolute cowards driving past the embassy in 3 cars yelling out racist slants and beeping your horns while we have young children here camping trying to have a peaceful time with their families. Bunch of cowards, you bring absolute shame upon yourselves.

you stole my children

sorry means you dont do it again


Faust silent film with Wurlitzer organ accompaniment by David Bailey

‘To determine whether God or Satan has control over the earth, the two decide to wager on the corruptibility of the soul of Faust, a pious alchemist. Mephistopheles (a mischievous leering character played by Emil Jannings) is sent by Satan to tempt Faust, to trade his soul for eternal youth. Continue reading


Queensland cut – Annastacia wins

There is no parliamentary road to socialism, and not even an avenue to democratic rights in Queensland. Continue reading