Daily Archives: February 13, 2015

Grandparents against Removals

At parliament house, Canberra, 13 Feb 2015 … Absolute cowards driving past the embassy in 3 cars yelling out racist slants and beeping your horns while we have young children here camping trying to have a peaceful time with their families. Bunch of cowards, you bring absolute shame upon yourselves.

you stole my children

sorry means you dont do it again


GOMA: Faust – A German Folk-Tale

‘To determine whether God or Satan has control over the earth, the two decide to wager on the corruptibility of the soul of Faust, a pious alchemist. Mephistopheles (a mischievous leering character played by Emil Jannings) is sent by Satan to tempt Faust, to trade his soul for eternal youth. Continue reading


Queensland cut – Annastacia wins

There is no parliamentary road to socialism, and not even an avenue to democratic rights in Queensland. Continue reading