“Jovial Joe” a contender?

Is "Jovial Joe" a contender? No, not for the Prime Minister's job (don't be ridiculous) but for the Bald Archy prize. It's my second entry. My artist's statement goes..... When the grateful Australian nation eventually erects a statue of Joe Hockey these words will appear on the base. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your … Continue reading “Jovial Joe” a contender?

Foco Nuevo starting up for 2015

FOCO NUEVO IN FEBRUARY Happy New Year to all our supporters, we wish you well for 2015. We returned to Australia from a trip to Cuba and Mexico, just in time to vote and be part of the dramatic turn of events in Queensland politics, setting the scene for a special atmosphere for Foco Nuevo … Continue reading Foco Nuevo starting up for 2015

Pretty Boy and Delilah

Now take the case of those power -workers who are striking at present, how long has it been since the people they're allowed to elect to represent them, and their district, how long has it been since any of those people from the urban majority of this state, how long's it been since they had fair representation in Parliament? I mean the story is that because of the gerrymander and that barstid Petersen those blokes haven't got any legitimate representation in Parliament, because like us they're urban people, so how can they express any sense of political power apart from through the withdrawal of their labour?"