Redfern Tent Embassy Forum and Canberra Sit-In

2014 is now gone and yet we must take from it the positiveness and sense of change that was brought about by the aboriginal summit that was held in alice springs late last year. that became the freedom summit with a delegation of 20 elected leaders.

2015 is to be the year of freedom. the year of decolonisation from the foul abbott government and all other governments also.

capital city meetings are being held across australia as the delegates report back on what was brought about over those two days at alice springs. but more importantly is the continued actions that are going to held around the country to tell and demand of governments that we do not intend to eat shit any longer. we as the traditional owners of our nations most certainly do intend to fully protect our lands by all means possible.

we will not accept the closure of our communities. we no longer will cop it sweet on the loss of our traditional lands. we are the sovereign owners of our lands and not the invasion governments and we will take them back.

our decolonisation starts now as we, as a people, will no longer accept that we are third class citizens in our own lands. our colonised status will now be changed as we take back what is rightfully ours. we must and will speak with one voice and walk as one people.

the information for the sydney summit is attached but we will gather at the block redfern aboriginal tent embassy at 3pm on sunday 18 january, 2015 to allow for discussion to take place from aborigines who wish to participate in the discussions on what matters of importance need to be taken to the sit-in at the tent embassy in canberra over the invasion day weekend and to remain there until federal parliament opens on 9 february, 2015. more on that at the block meeting. we also want our non-aboriginal supporters to join us at both rallies also. as we know there is indeed a long, long list of human rights crimes, continued genocide and other important matters of concern to take to canberra since the invasion 227 years ago.

speakers at the block tent embassy will be aunt jenny munro who has fought for aboriginal rights all her life and continues to do so. ghillar michael anderson sadly has had to cancel due to other problems. other speakers will be our two non-aboriginal stalwarts gerry georgatos and jeff mcmullen who also need no introduction due to their strong and constant campaigns on behalf of the aboriginal people. other speakers are unknown at this point of time.

aunt jenny is one of the freedom summit delegates as is her brother, les coe. michael too is a delegate. jeff, gerry and myself also attended the summit.

this association has been asked to mc the sydney event and we are privileged to do so.

for koori justice

ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

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we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people

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