ISIS does not represent Islam

If ISIS didn’t exist, anyone who wanted to promote hate against Muslims or have a poster boy for creating and fuelling Islamophobia would have to create them. The more we hear and read of statements made by ISIS members and leadership, the more it appears that they have been fostered, or assisted to grow rapidly with much media attention to provide the pretext for Islamophobia and further military action in the Middle East.
It is mind boggling, how a small band of a few thousand could so quickly become such an apparent global threat in this age of total global surveillance and security, except that they now allow the intensification of the war on terror.

For those who missed it the first few times we said it, ISIS does not represent Islam, ISIS does not represent Muslims, ISIS could not be further from any Islamic Caliphate.
ISIS is no more a representative of Islam than those who created Apartheid were representative of Christianity.

Dr. Faisal Suliman


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