Passengers’ protest stops deportation of Chinese asylum seeker

asrcSeven passengers stood up on an Air China flight to stop a Chinese asylum seeker being deported late last Friday night.

Wei Lin, a 33 year old Chinese asylum seeker was escorted by four Serco guards; was tightly handcuffed and had a mask placed over his mouth, but he able to get to the front of the plane after asking to go to the toilet, as passengers were boarding.

Wei was able to hold his shackled wrists to show the passengers and said, “I am a political asylum seeker. The Australian Immigration Department forced me to come to the airport & board on the airplane against my will…,” before he was roughly pushed back to his seat.

The red welts left by the handcuffs were still obvious on Wei’s wrists yesterday (Sunday) at Villawood detention centre.

Steph, a passenger on the plane, in transit to London, was among seven passengers who refused to take their seats as the pilot taxied the plane onto the runway following an on-board protest and appeal for help by Wei Lin, the Chinese asylum seeker, on board theflight.

Steph contacted the Refugee Action Coalition on Sunday from London explaining the action of the passengers – her account can be read below. She is available for interview by arrangement.

After passengers maintained their protest, the pilot the take-off was abandoned and the plane returned to the terminal gate while Wei and his four guards left the plane. Wei was confronted on the plane and at the gate by people assumed to be Chinese air marshalls.

The passengers’ action came after activists from the Refugee Action Coalition distributed leaflets, in English and Chinese, at the check-in counter explaining how passengers could help stop forced deportations by ‘standing up for asylum seekers’.

“The passengers protest has shown how ordinary people can make a difference in the face of the government’s cruel treatment of asylum seekers.

“Action by passengers has been known on European deportation flights, and we have previously leafleted airports, but this has taken action to stop forced removals to a new level, “ said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“There is a growing awareness of the injustice meted out to asylum seekers, and every reason to expect more protests on the planes. There are too many asylum seekers deported to danger. The airline companies should refuse to co-operate with forced removals.

“The new Immigration Minister should call a halt to the government’s forced deportation regime.”

For more information, and to arrange an interview with Steph,  contact Ian Rintoul mob 0417 275 713


I wanted to email you guys about the removal of Wei Lin from the Air China flight from Sydney to Beijing on Friday night.

I just wanted to add some detail to this story in the hope of inspiring others to take action if they ever find themselves in a similar situation.

I was on the flight with my partner and as we were getting settled and putting our items in the overhead compartments Wei Lin ran up the aisle with Serco guards closely in toe yelling “stop that man!” They caught up with Wei Lin and forcefully escorted him back to his seat as he held his shackled hands in the air saying “this is how they treat me”.

Several passengers then approached staff to explain they would not be taking their seats until Wei Lin is removed. staff from the airport came on board to check out the situation. We were informed they understood our concerns and would return shortly.They did not return.The plane began to taxi with nothing being resolved.

We requested to speak with the pilot about the matter but our requests fell on deaf ears.

There were 7 of us – four Australians, a New Zealander one Brit and one Japanese woman still refusing to take our seats.

The pilot had no choice but to return to the boarding gate, threatening to cancel OUR flights.

Finally after 90 minutes, the pilot agreed to remove Wei Lin from the flight.

Seven people were able to achieve a small victory. Something we didn’t think would actually happen.

People need to know that they can peacefully stand up for what they believe in and make a difference. Seven ordinary people. Not the pilot. Not the authorities at the airport.

People need to know that it is them that make the difference.

Pamela Curr
 – Refugee and Detention Rights Advocate- 
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