“BETRAYAL”: A critical analysis of rape culture in Anarchist subcultures

“In the end, it won’t be
the words of our enemies we remember, but the silence of
our friends."


7pm Tues 23rd Dec

69 Thomas St, West End

JOIN US IN A READING GROUP TO DISCUSS “BETRAYAL”: A critical analysis of rape culture in Anarchist subcultures. The essay speaks on rape culture in the anarchist milieu and what tends to happen during accountability processes stressing survivor autonomy.

The reading discusses the challenges in and gives perspective on how people can be held accountable by the community, from things like bullying all the way to sexual assaults. Brisbane Solidarity Network Believes it is important in understanding this subject matter if activists are going to be able to relate to each other in a healthy way and to create safer spaces.

We acknowledgement of how sensitive the subject matter is and because of that there will be people on hand to accompany if people who need a time out, as we understand some of the subject matter can cause people to relive painful experiences. Without developing a culture of understanding the nature of interpersonal violence we will be less equipped to stop it and hold people accountable for it, thus we invite everyone to join in such a reading and discussion.

This is the zine and be read, downloaded and printed out with this link here –


Trigger warning – The content of the zine discusses the nature of interpersonal violence & sexual assault.

The BSN understands it might be too intense for people, to talk about it publically and it might be

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