The Mouldy Lovers and the G20

[Publishers Note: I post Jo ‘s interview on ABC 612 radio here to provide more background on G20 actions. btw this photo is not me, although 30 years ago it cld have been ; Pls note that another band that J is in, Rivermouth, is playing at Foco Nuevo this friday … see — Ian Curr, 2 Dec 2014]

This isn’t directly related to my Greens campaign, but for anyone who might be interested, the link below is to a radio interview I did with 612 ABC regarding the decision by one of my bands (The Mouldy Lovers) to pull out of the G20 Cultural Celebrations program. As a side note, I feel I should emphasise that I don’t think it’s cool (or constructive) to vilify or pressure musicians for taking paid work of this nature. These are not simple issues, and each band/musician should be free to make their own decision about what’s right for them.

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