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Community Meeting on future of Jagera Arts Hall

Musgrave Park Cultural Centre Inc (MPCCI) INVITES ALL BRISBANE BLACKS and allied community to a

Community Meeting at Jagera Hall @ 11am this Thursday 4th December 2014scannedimage-2-thumb.jpg

We as a community should be informed about and have our voices heard on the future of OUR hall.

Come and discuss the recent events regarding Jagera Hall prior to a meeting with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk which will be held at 2.30pm that same day; to discuss the future of Aboriginal management of Jagera Hall.

Meeting with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk at City Hall – the Windsor Room, @ 2.30-3.30pm to discuss the transition of Jagera Hall from Council to Aboriginal management.

Anyone wishing to attend the 2.30 meeting is asked to RSVP by 10am Tuesday 2nd December (tomorrow) with the MPCCI Secretary on 0422 569 325 or at secretarympcci@gmail.com 

I will add your names to our RSVP list, thereby officially inviting you.

Feel free to add whomever you feel might be interested.

Debbi Jones

Please note: though RSVPs are only added if they email or phone me by 10am., after this time, I believe it should be no problem to include others on the day, but they might snub you when handing out the canapes.


Cloudland Collective to review the G20 peoples’ convergence

The next Cloudland Collective get together will review the G20 peoples’ convergence, discuss the Victorian election and the upcoming Qld election, and the ABC cuts. (Last Thursday’s meeting was washed out by the storm.) Cloudland Collective meeting details: 7pm Thursday … Continue reading

The Mouldy Lovers and the G20

[Publishers Note: I post Jo ‘s interview on ABC 612 radio here to provide more background on G20 actions. btw this photo is not me, although 30 years ago it cld have been ; Pls note that another band that J is in, Rivermouth, is playing at Foco Nuevo this friday … see https://workersbushtelegraph.com.au/2014/11/28/foco-nuevo-in-december-5/) — Ian Curr, 2 Dec 2014]

This isn’t directly related to my Greens campaign, but for anyone who might be interested, the link below is to a radio interview I did with 612 ABC regarding the decision by one of my bands (The Mouldy Lovers) to pull out of the G20 Cultural Celebrations program. As a side note, I feel I should emphasise that I don’t think it’s cool (or constructive) to vilify or pressure musicians for taking paid work of this nature. These are not simple issues, and each band/musician should be free to make their own decision about what’s right for them.

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