Foco Nuevo in December

Firstly we our thoughts are with those of you who have suffered damage from Thursday's storm. Our final Foco Nuevo for 2014 features special guests Rivermouth and 3 Miles from Texas. But before we give details we'd like to invite you to the LAURA STREET FESTIVAL being held this Sunday, November 30 in Laura St, … Continue reading Foco Nuevo in December

Open letter to Prime Minister: remote communities

The National Congress of Australia's First Peoples has noted that the Western Australian and South Australian governments have threatened to shut down services to small and remote townships of the Aboriginal Peoples. We bring this matter to your government for urgent attention to Australian policy regarding the rights of First Peoples.

International Labour Organisanisation Convention: Self Determination?

[Publisher's Note: I include the report here from the ILO sent by Les Malezer representing Congress of Australia's First People. I note that Les reports the ACTU does not appear to have a position regarding the resolutions passed. If this is true, it is a sad day for the Trade Union Movement in this country. … Continue reading International Labour Organisanisation Convention: Self Determination?