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Briscan-g20 – Today: 4 important G20 community response

Rally and March against Deaths in Custody – 9:30am Roma Street Forum 2) Open Space Conversation 10am-4pm Friday Nov 14th Great Friday Peoples Summit program in various locations around West End/South Brisbane and Citizens Media Centre at Wandering Cooks SOVEREIGNTY … Continue reading

West Papua Independence Day

December 1st is a special date for all West Papuans – the date in 1961 when the nation announced its independence from the Dutch empire and first raised the Morning Star flag.

Of course, two years later West Papua was invaded by the Indonesian military and ever since has been brutally occupied, with hundreds of thousands of Papuans killed and laws against raising the flag or talking about independence. A number of Papuan activists are in prison for raising the flag, including Filep Karma, who is currently serving 15 years for raising the Morning Star on December 1st 2004.

Activists around Papua and around the world though will be celebrating Papuan independence day on December 1st to mark the continuing struggle of Papuan people for their sovereignty and point towards a future when Papuans will again be able to freely live their own culture in their own land.

In Brisbane we will be marking the day by gathering in King George Square and raising the Morning Star flag in solidarity with Papuan people and their struggle for independence. Monday, December 1 at 11:30am. King George Square.

Papua Merdeka!

G20 Prohibitions: First as tragedy, then as farce

[Publisher’s Note: Ciaron O’Reilly issue a Press Statement saying he was gonna shirt-front Obama one day, the coppers put a Prohibition Order on Ciaron the next].

Smoking ceremony

They Tasered Sheila Oakley

Dreading on a flower, ay?

dreading on a flowerDrones?


Briscan-g20 Day2: Myra Gold, Truck night & great program @ ppls summit

Myra Gold – arrested in Cairns for putting up a sticker that says G20 benefits the 1% with us via skype @ #PeoplesSummitplenary session. 9am Colossus Hall, 71 Jane St West End #G20 Tonight is TRUCK Night at Wandering Cooks- … Continue reading


Free Scrambled Eggs!

A group of Brisbane anarchists last Thursday gave away free scrambled eggs in King George Square, pointing out the hypocrisy of the fears of “violence” at the G20. Eggs are among the prohibited item list in the G20 Safety and … Continue reading