Free Scrambled Eggs!

free scrambled eggs
by andypaine

A group of Brisbane anarchists last Thursday gave away free scrambled eggs in King George Square, pointing out the hypocrisy of the fears of “violence” at the G20.

Eggs are among the prohibited item list in the G20 Safety and Security Act. Any person possessing them in the restricted zone can have them confiscated and be charged. But while the state government considers throwing eggs a dangerous enough crime that it warrants a whole new law banning people from even carrying them, it is at the exact same time turning a blind eye to the extreme acts of violence that the members of the G20 are guilty of.

Despite a track record including brutal and unjust wars, mass human rights abuses against minority groups (eg. in Indonesia and China) or refugees (eg. in Australia), brutal austerity measures in Europe that punish the poorest people for financial crises they did nothing to cause, and runaway climate change that threatens the future of everyone on the planet; the QLD state government is not just allowing the G20 to go about their business, but they are actually rolling out the red carpet – stopping the entire city so the G20 can discuss ways to continue the economic growth that is crippling the rest of the world.

On top of this, these laws will be enforced by an extreme paramilitary police force. The Courier Mail yesterday featured a picture of SAS officers training for the G20 who were pointing a gun at somebody’s head while their dog attacked the person lying on the ground. The police are preparing to use guns, tasers, dogs and armoured vehicles at the summit, yet they call the protestors violent?

Anarchists are in favour of a world where resources (including eggs) are shared among everybody rather than being hoarded for profit. We are in favour of a world where people build bonds of solidarity across national borders. We are against a world where so-called “leaders” sit behind closed doors making decisions that will affect the rest of the world and enforce their rule with extreme violence.




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