Keep the fire burning – Jagera Arts Hall returned to Aboriginal people!

jager arts hall
Raymond Walker leads the welcome song and dance on Invasion Day 2007

After premature action by Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor, councillor Quirk, to close Jagera Arts Hall in Musgrave Park on 4 Nov 2014, Brisbane City Council passed a resolution that Jagera Arts Hall be leased to Musgrave Park Cultural Centre Inc (MPCCI).!

There is a new board of the MPCCI and over 80 new members who decided to rectify the failure of the QLD State government to build a Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy intervened in March 2012 and demanded that Aboriginal Cultural practice take place as it always has done in this special meeting place.

Keep the fire burning … celebrate this victory around the sacred fire!

Join Musgrave Park Cultural Centre now … aims and application forms are below. Please fill out the form and return it to Jagera Arts Hall, 121 Cordelia Street South Brisbane.

Invasion Day 2007 at Jagera Hall

Ian Curr
4 Nov 2014

Jagera wasn’t the BCC’s Hall to lease to aboriginal people in the first place!

Always was, always will be aboriginal land!

2 thoughts on “Keep the fire burning – Jagera Arts Hall returned to Aboriginal people!

  1. Q. Does this mean Jagera Hall is unlocked and it is available for #genocidal20 now? says:

    Email from council stated:

    Temporary Closure of Jagera Community Hall commencing 20th (sic) October 2014 for asbestos removal works and upgrade of the facility over the coming months.. The hall will re-open for community use by April 2015.”

    Ans. Yes, Jagera Arts Hall should now be opened up so that it can be properly managed in the interests of the community by the community and not by Council. The padlock to the Jagera gate was opened at 4pm soon after council’s decision on the lease. The MPCCI now controls Jagera Hall regardless of what LNP councillor Krista Adams states… only the MPCCI can decide and it does so with the community.

    Council needs to hand over management to the Musgrave Park Cultural Centre Inc (MPCCI) board and reset the hall’s electronic lock system ASAP so that access gained and cultural business started again in the hall.

    These matters and others need to be raised as part of the new lease agreement. The devil is always in the detail and Councillor Quirk can’t be trusted.

    MPCCI have the plastic keycard but the electronic system needs to be updated to reflect control by the new board and membership of the MPCCI.

    I do not like the electronic system because it gives central control of the lock to council which does not reflect the new arrangement.

    Also council should remove the CCTV cameras it installed inside the hall.

    Ian Curr
    4 Nov 2014

    PS Don’t believe what LNP Krista Adams says (you have to ask why does the ABC broadcast their lies), always was, always will be …

  2. Musgrave Park Cultural Centre Membership Application

    To maintain our meeting place that is community owned and controlled and provides the facilities for the Preservation, Promotion and Presentationof Aboriginal culture and heritage


    I have read and agree with the rules of association particularly its objects and rules of membership which include. Our organisation (MPCCI) will provide
    1. A focus for Aboriginal culture in Brisbane, south east Queensland
    2. A venue for the display of traditional and contemporary Indigenous visual and performing arts
    3. A place for teaching culture to the next generation of Aboriginal children and youth and the wider community
    4. A centre of learning and referral support
    5. A place for the local community and visitors to Brisbane to learn about Aboriginal culture, society and history
    6. A focus for the interaction between the Aboriginal community, other major arts and cultural organisations in Brisbane

    Ordinary members who are also financial members 3re entitled to vote at any general meeting.

    Every applicant for any type of membership of the Association must be nominated by one member of the Association and seconded by another member. The nomination must be made in writing, signed by the applicant, nominator and seconder.

    I wish to become an Ordinary member and have paid $1 fee to become a Financial Member

    MPCCI Membership application

    MPCCI rules of association

    MPCCI Membership application Pls fill out and return to Jagera Arts Hall, 121 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane. Membership $1 per year.[/caption]


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